Dog Boarding of Myrtle Beach
Island Inspired, Inc. 
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Our Pricing and Special PrePaid Packages

Dogs must be altered and fully immunized in order to stay at our facility.  For the safety of our guests and staff, aggressive and inappropriate behavior is not acceptable.  Formal Record of Updated Shots DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella is required every 6 months.  If you are in need of a local Vet, please let us know and we can help you!

Our Rates...Our prepaid packages listed here do not expire!

Doggie Daycare: 

Drop-off/ Pick-up hours are  7am-7pm. Earlier or later must be scheduled in advance.
Special Rates for CCU Game Nights and Holiday Events may apply!  Ask for Details!

Please, no calls after 7 pm.  Doggies are eating dinner and sleeping!

We Offer Pre Paid Packages:

HANG TEN - 10 days for the price of 9 =
TANDEM HANG TEN - 2 dogs /10 days for the price of 9 =

Or by the day:

 One Pup  $15 per Day
 Two Pups  $25 per Day
 Each Additional   $10 per Day

Dog Boarding:

We offer cageless boarding, the dogs are able to run free in the facility.  Pups have monitored run of the facility and are able to sleep on couches or dog cots or in a kennel if pre-arranged.  There is also free access to a completely fenced in outdoor area. 

(a pro-rated fee for daycare (10$/ dog) will be added to pick ups after 1pm)

We Offer Pre Paid Packages

LONG BOARD - 10 stays for the price of 9 = 
TANDEM LONG BOARD - 2 dogs / 10 stays for the price of 9 =

Or by the night:
 One Pup $25 per Night 
 Two Pups $45 per Night 
 Each Additional   $15 per Night
Compare us....

1 full day of day care.... $15
10 full days of day care paid in advance.... $135
1 overnite with food .... $25 plus $4
10 overnites with own food paid in advance..$225
Quick bath before pick up.... $10
1 Full Wash and Primping, Nail filing.... $20

To them...

1 half day of day care.... $15 (it's over $20 for a full day!)
10 full days of day care.... over $175 most places
1 overnite with food provided.... $30 or more
10 overnites with own food.... $300 and then some
1 Quick bath before pick up... $20 for a small dog
1 Full Wash and Primping...  $50 plus $12 for nails

How do the prices compare?
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